Best Phone Locator For Monitoring Your Smartphone Location

A phone locator means an electronic device that can determine the phone’s position and moving activity. There are many reasons to own a phone tracker. Your cell phone is your favorite part of your daily life. You can’t pass a single day without it. No one wants to lose it anyhow. You need a phone locator for tracking your phone if somehow it gets lost. Phone Tracker is a reliable device to track down the position of a smartphone. It locates smartphones through a multi-alteration of radio signals between the phone’s network signals and cell towers. You can locate your cell phone via GPS. Most people are in love with the phone locator for finding the cell phone location.

Why Should You Own a Phone Locator?

There are several reasons to own a location tracker device to monitor the exact location of your cell phone. If you are someone who keeps forgetting where you have kept your phone then owning a cell phone tracker is not a bad choice. Your cell phone contains many personal data and information which you can’t take risks losing them. So, if your phone gets stolen or lost then you can get back the phone easily using a location tracker.

How To Track A Phone Using A Phone Locator?

There are many ways to track a phone. It differs from the phone’s technology. Phones companies use different technology i.e. like GSM / UMTS, GPS unit, or CDMS. Else, Android and iPhone have some available apps to locate the location.

Your phone’s network always stays under a cell tower range and it can identify itself. If your phone is under better range, your phone might get pinned down via a particular overlapping coverage area of each tower. This is an independent method from the provider. It can connect your phone to the tower before it can even start searching for the network your phone is using.

If your phone connects with the providers and identifies itself the position of the cell phone is the more exact location than any other things. Because it is generated by the signal data, other trip-time, and all rest data calculation.

If your device is supported by the hybrids methods like Wireless or Bluetooth connection and GPS so your phone is likely to get tracked easily. Built into traffic light Bluetooth or wireless receivers used to scan devices Address of Bluetooth and Wireless. It joins with the cell tower and tracks the location very accurately.

Some manufacturer provides tracking services of their own like Apple, Blackberry, Android, and other phone companies allow phone locating. For its phones need to stay connected to an internet connection. There are plenty of apps available on the internet to track down the location.

Nowadays, most smartphones come with built-in GPS receivers. These receivers work the same as alike commercial-grade GPS locators. It transmits data from the GSP signal of a satellite to measure the distance between satellite and phone. As it shows a 2D position after a distance and time calculation. You have to keep your phone’s location services turned on.

So, your phone will calculate its device’s position and real-time according to the phone. Actually, phones know their location at the given time of the day. In this way half of the tracking task gets complete. Then GPS tracking application communicates with the remote software program. This task gets accomplished through the WiFi signal depending on the mobile phone’s device.

Top 5 Phone Tracker To Buy For Your Personal Use

Now, I am gladly going to discuss the topmost helpful and effective phone locator for your personal use.

1TrackR pixel – Bluetooth Tracking Device. Item Tracker. Phone Finder. iOS/Android Compatible – Multicolor (8 Pack)

Do you keep losing your things? Well, this is so unhappy incidents for you. I am going to tell you guys about the most helpful tracker I have ever found so helpful is TrackR. It works for both Android and iPhone. This is adjustable to anything. You can place it on anything and anywhere. There are some solid reasons so I am putting it here on the number one on the list. Its price is reasonable. You can afford it very comfortably.

Features and Benefits:

  • It is smaller than any phone locator and looks quite classy. You can attach it to anything.
  • This phone locator device is built-in Bluetooth technology. It finds objects up to the range of 100 feet away.
  • If the battery is drained or malfunctioned, you just have to change the battery. You don’t need to take a hazard of changing the device. You will get a notification from the app when its battery is low directly from the app.
  • Your smaller equipment like keys, wallet and other things like laptops, tablet on a map.
  • You can even get alerts when your phone is in silent mode.
What we liked
  • A whole of value 8-pack.
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Its weight is very light.
  • Can track up to 100 feet away.
  • Notify in the silent mode even.
What we didn't like
  • Eats battery faster. You may need to ask for frequent free battery replacement.

In a nutshell, I am highly recommending you to use this for its multi-functionality.

2Tile – Phone Finder. Key Finder. Item Finder – 8 Pack (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

One of the best multi-tracking devices you ever can get anywhere. That’s not the only thing to get a place in the second place. This phone finder can operate easily and has an easy-to-use app. It can find easily your phone, keys, and other tiny things which are more likely to get lost easily. This phone locator includes versatile kinds of packs like 1 / 4 / 8 packs. You can choose the one for your proposal work.

Features and Benefits:

  • It offers $15.00 less per tile if you buy a 12 pack.
  • This is a tiny Bluetooth tracker. This phone finder tracks your phones easily and other equipment which is really close to you and your daily life work.
  • You can attach a tile to the targeted item you need to locate. It will show you the last seen location. So, you can mark it as “lost” and you will get an alert when it is found.
  • It alerts even it’s in silent mode. Find out your phone and press the tile so your lost phone ring.
  • It a is multi-tracking device. You can track your tablets, keys, wallets, luggage, purses, cameras, toys of your child and other things.
What we liked
  • Multi-tracking.
  • It is a tiny Bluetooth-equipped phone tracker.
  • Works easily.
  • It can find your phone even if it is in silent mode.
  • It saves your hours of the time of desperate searching with tile.
What we didn't like
  • The manufacturer says you don’t have to charge this or replace the battery for a year. It is a false advertisement.

So, the freedom of choice is yours. Your money needs a safe and reliable place to get spend on.

3Tile-Mate Key Finder, Phone Finder, 4-pack (Packaging May Vary)

The affordable price and multiple features make it perfect to hit the third position on the top list. You just can rely on this properly. It is one of the world’s best-selling trackers. It is built-in with Bluetooth. You don’t need to carry much hassle using it. The tile is so adjustable and your things become safer than at any time.

Most people use it for their car keys, surface case, the master key of work. This is the ideal gift to give someone ever. It is super easy to use and can find your keys or phones within a while.

Features and Benefits:

  • It contains 1 or 4 pack of a bundle.
  • This cell phone tracker is smaller than any other locator device.
  • It adjusts easily on any keychains or anything. So, you don’t need to lose any tiny useful things.
  • It is easy to use. You just have to double press the tile button so your phone will ring even it is in silent mode.
  • Its battery life is guaranteed one year from shipment.
What we liked
  • It is smaller and adjustable on anything.
  • Simply double press will find the lost device.
  • Battery life has a guaranty for one year.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has an available app for iPhone and Android versions.
What we didn't like
  • Sometimes pressing the tile doesn’t ring the phone. So, the user needs to retry.

It is cheap insurance for those who keep losing their keys and other devices.

4Tile Slim – Phone Finder. Wallet Finder. Item Finder – 1-Pack

Tile Slim is one of the most innovative software. There are no hidden negative aspects of it. It is not slim, it is super slim. You can use it very comfortably. Its Bluetooth finds the device alerting last place notification. It would be the perfect tile for your wallet and keys use. This phone tracker is super light for daily use. It provides the best phone location tracking. Does your spouse waste a lot of time searching for keys, wallet, and phone? You can gift him/ her this. Keep your Bluetooth turn on and find the device easily. You need to keep your Bluetooth turn on. Otherwise, it will fail to track the mobile phone. It is easy to set up so you’re going to love it for the first use.

Features and Benefits:

  • The design is ultra-thin. You won’t feel any weight in your wallet or other things.
  • It is adjustable on laptop, tablet, notebook, and keys.
  • Using the smartphone, you can ring the tile slim ring when it’s lost or out of sight.
  • Simply double pressing on the tile will immediately help you find the target. There is nothing to feel any hazard. It rings the phone in silent mode.
  • Its app free to use and it remembers the last time.
What we liked
  • Ultra-thin design.
  • Simply double press on the tile to find the mobile.
  • Makes the ring even in silent mode.
  • It has easy to use the free app.
What we didn't like

This phone tracker is really worthy of spending some bucks. You can get it for yourself or for your best friend, husband, or colleagues.

5Key Finder, Esky Wireless RF Item Locator Item Tracker Support Remote Control, 1 RF Transmitter and 4 Receivers – Wireless Key RF Locator, Pet Tracker, Wallet Tracker

Esky has millions of users around the world. It is one of the most reliable brands to rely on. It has 4 key finders. You can adjust any four items and simply press the color-coded buttons on the locator. It is a simple radio frequency tracker and suitable for elderly use. This phone locator has colorful receivers to the keychain or onto your pet’s chain, you can get the accurate location by clicking on the corresponding color on the transmitter then just follow the sound to find the target.

Features and Benefits:

  • It includes 4 key finders. This receives any 4 items pressing the color-coded buttons.
  • It is easy to operate and use. It creates sounds to notify your lost thing’s location.
  • Its remote control is made with light. You can easily click on buttons at night.
  • You can track your target up to 30 meters away.
  • This company provides 24/7 and lifetime support.
What we liked
  • Multiple key finders.
  • Easy to use.
  • Better night visibility.
  • Can track even 30 meters away.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Very cheap price.
What we didn't like
  • Some users complained about its big size.

It is in the least of the list. You can try it for sure. I can assure you will recommend this phone locator to your friends and family member even.

So, you get the best phone locator list from top to least. Now, it is your choice to pick anyone for you. Whatever phone locator you choose make sure, it fulfills your requirements.


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