What is Condom? Types of Condom, How to use a Condom?

A condom refers to a flexible sleeve worn during sexual intercourse by either of the parties to reduce the chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections or getting pregnant. It’s good to note that condoms don’t necessarily reduce sensitivity during intercourse. This means that wearing them won’t prevent you from getting the most out of sex.

Types of Condoms

can be categorized into two major classes, male and female. The two are not made in the same way due to the way they are worn. The unique making is meant to reduce the probability of slipping out during sex. Male condoms are typically made of latex or lambskin and can’t be reused. Female condoms are mainly made from polyurethane or nitrile and can be used multiple times. In the recent past, some companies have started manufacturing female condoms from latex primarily due to their tensile strength and quality. The most common types are male condoms thus have advantages over female ones. They are pocket-friendly, readily available, and more effective by a rate of 10%. It’s not straightforward to differentiate male and female condoms especially to people who haven’t used them before.

A male condom has a tight ring that enables it to hold firm on the penis thus forming a seal around the penis. It also prevents the condom from slipping off during sexual intercourse which could be caused by the degradation of latex. On the other hand, female condoms have two rings, the outer ring is stiff to prevent the condom from slipping into the vaginal orifice. Both types of condoms can’t be used simultaneously. If a man wears the condom, the woman should not and vice versa is true. Condoms made from latex are delicate especially when an external lubricant is used. This increases the chances of tearing thus leaving the partners at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or getting unwanted pregnancies. While male condoms are worn just before having sex, female condoms can be worn eight hours before sex.

How to use a male condom?

1) Make sure the product isn’t expired and the package has no holes on it. The wrapper should have a bubble of air any time you squeeze it gently.

2) Open the wrapper carefully so as not to tamper with the condom. If it’s sticky, dry or torn, don’t use it. The new condom looks like a hat. You should place it on the tip of an erect penis then pinch out the air inside the tip of the condom. In the case of an uncircumcised man, it’s better to pull the foreskin back before placing the condom at the tip of the penis.

3) Roll the condom all the way down the shaft of the penis and have sex.

6) Immediately after ejaculation, the man should hold the ring of the condom then withdraw the penis from the partner’s body. This should happen before the penis gets soft to reduce cases of the condom slipping out and spilling semen.

7) Hold the base of the condom and remove it carefully. Put it in the trash can or garbage bin.

8)Wear a new condom after each ejaculation and make sure the penis is always well erect before wearing the condom. If you are engaging in different types of sex e.g. oral, anal and vaginal sex, a new condom should be used in every transition.

How to use a female condom?

1) Check the expiration date of the product ensuring it’s not damaged then open it carefully.
2) Stay in a comfortable position e.g. standing on one foot while leaning on a wall, squatting, or just spreading your legs to make sure the vagina is open

3) Hold the inner ring and squeeze it together. Now slide it in carefully as in the case of a tampon.

4) Push it in as far as possible ensuring it doesn’t twist.

5) Pull out your finger and ensure the outer ring hangs out about an inch on the outside.

6) Guide your partner’s penis inside the condom. This procedure is similar to anal sex. To remove it, just twist the outer ring in a manner to enclose the semen to prevent spillage of semen then pull it out slowly and trash it.


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